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by Crist Landscaping

~  Established in 1978  -  Family Owned and Operated  ~

Crist Landscaping is a multi-faceted Landscaping company that proudly assists our neighbors -throughout 

Snohomish (& King) County- in the process of 'beautifying' variously sized and shaped parcels of land.

We ecstatically enjoy every opportunity we get  that enables us to tap into our creativities and help others to transform their land, or space,  into something truly beautiful.

We currently provide a good range of services pertaining to Home and Land Improvement.... and we're still growing!   (Adding new services, frequently!)

Taking advantage of the wide variety of materials available today,  we are able to design and construct an array of unique, "eye-catching" HARDSCAPES;

such as: Retaining Walls, Driveways, Fire Pits, Paths, Patios, and more. 

We also build  (& repair) WOOD STRUCTURES

such as:  Decking, Gazebos, Pergolas, Trellises... and so on.

Our team is highly creative and multi-talented.  We are confident that CRIST LANDSCAPING is the company to call upon for your next Home/Land Improvement project! We promise to do it (& you) justice!

To each project, we bring:

the labor, the tools and materials needed,  and- of course- the same 'award winning' services that we've provided our customers with for the past 30+ years....


From the initial CONSULTATION,

throughout the DESIGN PROCCESS,

straight through to CONCEPTION ... and beyond,

we will be there for you ... EVERY STEP of the way!!

WOOD STRUCTURES such as Gazebos, Pergolas, Trellisses and more!