Once you have answered all of the questions you will be asked to measure the length and width of your yard(desired work area) and to provide us with these measurements. Next you will be asked to provide us with pictures of your yard from specific places throughout it. Soon after you provide us with all necessary pictures and information you will receive a FREE rough topographical layout of your potential yard that we feel will harmonize with your needs and desires. At this point we will also provide you with package options and prices to complete your plans. If you find the prices to be fair and you choose to proceed you will pick the package that best fits your needs and then you will have a chance to change anything you see in the previously received layout that will not work. If no changes are needed or once we have made the needed changes we will immediately proceed with the details and description of your landscape plans. Once we are finished we will provide you with an online copy and mail you physical copies of your new landscape plans that are drawn to a scale that best fits the size of your work area and are laminated to protect them from the elements while being used by you and/or your contractors.